Rock 100 Ė 1998 (Arrow Classic Rock)

 (voorloper van Rock 500)

100 Summer of í69                                                             Bryan Adams

99 Voodoo chile                                                                  Jimi Hendrix Experience

98 The life I live                                                                  Q65

97 Baba OíRiley                                                                   Who

96 School                                                                            Supertramp

95 Lust for life                                                                     Iggy Pop

94 Crying                                                                            Aerosmith

93 Hey Jude                                                                        Beatles

92 Riders on the storm                                                         Doors

91 Hand in my pocket                                                          Alanis Morissette

90 Crazy on you                                                                  Heart

89 Iedereen is van de wereld                                                Scene

88 Cold as ice                                                                     Foreigner

87 Peter Gunn                                                                     Emerson, Lake & Palmer

86 Bloedend hart                                                                 Dijk

85 Virginia plain                                                                  Roxy Music

84 Show me the way                                                            Peter Frampton

83 Hurricane                                                                       Bob Dylan

82 Layla                                                                              Derek & the Dominos

81 Locomotive breath                                                         Jethro Tull

80 Iím going home                                                               Ten Years After

79 True love thatís a wonder                                                Sandy Coast

78 Weak                                                                             Skunk Anansie

77 Another 45 miles                                                             Golden Earring

76 Going to my hometown                                                    Rory Gallagher

75 Basket case                                                                     Green Day

74 Storm and thunder                                                            Earth & Fire

73 Heroes                                                                            David Bowie

72 Albatross                                                                        Fleetwood Mac

71 In a gada de Vida                                                            Iron Butterfly

70 Gloria                                                                             Them

69 Summertime                                                                    Brainbox

68 Still got the blues                                                            Gary Moore

67 Music                                                                             John Miles

66 Space oddity                                                                  David Bowie

65 Bourťe                                                                         Jethro Tull

64 Go your own way                                                           Fleetwood Mac

63 The unforgettable fire                                                     U2

62 The weight                                                                    The Band

61 Hey Joe                                                                        Jimi Hendrix Experience

60 Everytime I think of you                                                 Babys

59 White room                                                                   Cream

58 Brothers in arms                                                            Dire Straits

57 Everybody hurts                                                             REM

56 Freebird                                                                        Lynryd Skynryd

55 Satisfaction                                                                   Rolling Stones

54 Little wing                                                                    Jimi Hendrix Experience

53 Dark rose                                                                      Brainbox

52 Donít fear the reaper                                                      Blue ÷yster Cult

51 Easy living                                                                    Uriah Heep

50 Big log                                                                          Robert Plant

49 Carry on                                                                       Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

48 Pride                                                                            U2

47 Some kind of wonderful                                                  Grand Funk

46 With a little help from my friends                                    Joe Cocker

45 Sweet home Alabama                                                    Lynryd Skynryd

44 Let love rule                                                                  Lenny Kravitz

43 Paradise by the dasboardlight                                         Meatloaf

42 L.A. woman                                                                   Doors

41 She flies on strange wings                                               Golden Earring

40 Sunday bloody Sunday                                                    U2

39 Whiskey in the jar                                                           Thin Lizzy

38 I was made for loving you                                                KISS

37 Paradise city                                                                   Gunsíníroses

36 When the lady smiles                                                      Golden Earring

35 Jump                                                                             Van Halen

34 Smells like teen spirit                                                      Nirvana

33 Dream on                                                                       Aerosmith

32 Angie                                                                             Rolling Stones

31 Paranoid                                                                         Black Sabbath

30 Nights in white satin                                                         Moody Blues

29 Smoke on the water                                                         Deep Purple

28 Comfortably numb                                                           Pink Floyd

27 Twilight zone                                                                   Golden Earring

26 Still loving you                                                                  Scorpions

25 I alone                                                                             Live

24 Hocus pocus                                                                   Focus

23 Lola (live)                                                                       Kinks

22 Creep                                                                             Radiohead

21 Roll over lay down                                                          Status Quo

20 Money for nothing                                                          Dire Straits

19 Like the way I do                                                           Melissa Etheridge

18 Kayleigh                                                                         Marillion

17 Halo of flies                                                                    Alice Cooper

16 Number of the beast                                                       Iron Maiden

15 Selling the drama                                                             Live

14 Whole lotta love                                                              Led Zeppelin

13 Like a hurricane                                                               Neil Young

12 You really got me                                                            Kinks

11 Hotel California                                                                Eagles

10 Nothing else matters                                                        Metallica

9 Sympathy for the devil                                                       Rolling Stones

8 Whole lotta Rosie                                                              AC/DC

7 One                                                                                   Metallica

6 Alive                                                                                  Pearl Jam

5 Radar love                                                                         Golden Earring

4 Bohemian rhapsody                                                            Queen

3 November rain                                                                   Gunsíníroses

2 Child in time                                                                        Deep Purple

1 Stairway to heaven                                                              Led Zeppelin